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Shine bright like a diamond they say… well everything was certainly shining brightly as I flew into Shanghai International Airport. Arriving in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (3.00am) on the 20th September, I had time to explore before my representative and interpreter picked me up mid afternoon for the event.

The hustle and bustle of this city is a little overwhelming for this small town wine merchant. There was an endless stream of people, on foot, on motorbikes, in cars, buses and trains. Yet for a city with 24 million people in it you can feel very alone as English is not a very common language.

The glowing lights of the city that is divided by the famous Huanpu River was the perfect back drop to a special information presentation on Brockenchack Wines, which was then followed by a 9 course degustation dinner for 30 guests.

Everyone in China loves wine, are keen to learn about wine and love drinking wine. This made me very popular and made my job very easy. Even without me speaking any Chinese and with most of the guests unable to speak English, we had Brockenchack Wines as our mutual bond and the wines did their job and blew their socks off.

Again the next morning was mine to explore, so I had a cultural injection of temples and large green Buddhas. Then we were off to see some of the distributors who are selling Brockenchack in Shanghai. Very large stores with not a lot of product on the shelves. The language barrier was again challenging, but my interpreter was brilliant.

China has an infatuation with all wine at the moment and I can’t see it slowing down as it is just not in the Chinese nature to do things slowly. Everything’s a hundred miles an hour straight ahead, just the way Trevor Harch does it and just the way we like it!