Plane food and average wine was the start of my 26 hour long haul to Germany. Surely we can’t be far off being put into stasis for long haul travel! Just saying, it seems so much better. But then again, when would I catch up on a truck load of movies that I never got to see in my real life!

My average travel experience did a complete 180 once I landed in Berlin and Dr Frank Kautter (our distributor in Germany) met Trevor and I at the airport. Frank lifted the bar straight away with a fantastic dinner in the beating heart of this hip city – so full of culture and beauty. Day two and we were straight into tastings and appointments which were both exciting and informative as Australian wine is not exposed very much in Germany. These appointments were in the old east side. Saw the King of Sweden at one them. Questions were asked, wines were tasted, eyebrows were raised and deals were done. Again, Brockenchack wines were delivering on a grand scale.