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The last day on our US tour was at good friend Ken Copeland’s house. We had discussed in Chicago that what most Texans are really interested in, is what meat to put on the BBQ!

After a great meal at the restaurant with Scott and Ann, Brett and I were taken to an institution in Dallas; the Hard Eight BBQ Pit. Now this is not your normal fast food chain in any sense… a beer at the front door while you wait in line to walk past 8 massive BBQ pits and then your choice of 5 different meats, marinated, smoked and slow cooked. In one word “Heaven.”

We took a quick drive around this amazing city and a chance to see how it has attracted 5 billion dollars worth of new business in the last 2 years.

Arriving at Ken’s house, we were met by his lovely wife Holly and a swagger of personal friends who were soon under the hypnotic Brockenchack spell. The food, the wine and of course the genuine friendliness of everyone there on the night helped to make our final night an amazing event.


I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and plan to go back to the States on an annual basis and keep the converted happy with new vintages and even a taste of some back vintages. Stay tuned for 2017.


Darren Naylor

General Manager

Sales | Export | Brand