Sunday is a day of rest in many parts of the world and the good people of Berlin really take this on board. No shops open and while out for a quick morning run at 8.00am there was not a soul was around. Monday found us back at the airport and off to Stuttgart and the home of Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch, to name a few of the big companies in this town.

Business meetings here are right up my alley. Outside in the sunshine while sipping on the local wine Trollinger.

Then it was on to Fellbach and the Michelin Star’d Goldberg Restaurant and Wine Lounge for our second German Brockenchack wine dinner. Trev and I were treated like royalty by the 40 guests as they were impressed by the Brockenchack wines and an amazing menu, all on a Monday night – this place must pump on a Saturday. Friendships were forged and maybe even a visit to the Barossa planned for a couple of new converts.