Saturday was the first of our two German wine dinners this trip. We travelled to the former East Berlin and Frank guided us through what was once a very different East Berlin. It is very easy to forget that the wall which surrounded this part of Berlin only came down in November 1989.

We arrived at the home of Muse Restaurant owner (as the restaurant renovations had not been finished in time). In true German enginenuaty, Tobias catered for 45 people in his apartment in a nod to their old days of hosting top quality supper clubs in their homes! And he executed it with flare and finesse. Canapes followed by 5 courses matched to our wines, including good old Aussie lamb to match one of Brockenchack’s great Shirazes. What a night!

Both Trevor and I were delighted with not only the response on the night, but also the vibe of the dinner crowd. Everyone wanted to know more from the boys downunder. Our wines and our accents were a big hit. And of course, like all good dinner parties, we ended up drinking in the kitchen till 2:00am!