On March 13th, International Riesling Day, we tip our hat in respect to one of the oldest grape varietals in the world… Riesling!  

Each grape varietal has its own place in the world of wine and there seems to be a wine out there for everyone. But today we specifically highlight the beauty of a Riesling. A wine as old as time, Riesling can be traced back to the 1800s (with our very own Brockenchack Riesling vines dating back to 1896 – believed to to be the oldest in Australia).  

Let’s put your knowledge to the test – how much do you really know about Riesling? 

Riesling characteristics – What makes a Riesling? 

One thing we love about Riesling is that you’ll rarely find it blended with other grapes. It’s an elegant light to medium-bodied aromatic wine with high acidity, which makes it diverse and lends itself to being aged – we hope you have room in your cellars, people! We don’t like to brag, but cool-climate regions, such as our stunning home in Eden Valley, produces some of the best Australian Rieslings! *Cue add some 2022 Mackenzie William 1896 Riesling to cart.

Do you prefer an aged or young Riesling? 

Aged – When cellared for several years to a decade the wine will develop a more complex profile with prominent diesel, toast, and honey flavours. This translates to a richer mouthfeel, smoother texture, and mellowness on the palate. 

Young – As you can imagine, young Rieslings are fresh and vibrant. Very fruit-forward, and aromatic with citrus and apple flavours as the most prominent.  Way too drinkable for those who love citrus-based characters, and juicy acidity.  

Bone-dry versus Sweet Riesling 

There’s always the assumption that Riesling is sweet, but that’s far from the truth! This wine’s diversity means that the scale ranges from bone-dry to sweet. Traditionally, Riesling is a sweet wine, but more recently, dry styles have gained popularity. Where do you sit on the scale? 

Wine and Dine – Food Pairings 

Wanting to wine and dine with your friends and family, but don’t know where to begin your Riesling pairing journey? We’ve got you! 

It’s as easy as following the wine’s lead. This white wine is perfectly paired with white meats, seafood, Asian dishes, or any meals where you’ll be squeezing lemon or lime over the top. Spending days or afternoons by the beach or pool more at your pace? Our Mackenzie William Riesling also goes particularly well with salt and pepper squid (and yes, we know this from first-hand experience!). 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate a special wine on this special day!  

Why not toast with a glass of our outstanding award-winning Riesling? 

Cheers to 588 years of Riesling!

If you want to experience it both young and aged, it will age gracefully for a decade under the right cellaring conditions.  

Our cool climate Eden Valley region is renowned for growing exceptional Riesling and our Mackenzie William 1896 Riesling has gained a stellar back catalogue of awards since our first release in 2010. It continues to shine with our current 2022 vintage being awarded 98 points by Winestate Magazine last year. A product of what we believe are the oldest Riesling vines in Australia, these 125 year old vines showcase this Riesling’s aromatic citrus finery, live acid core and clean as a whistle finish – thanks in part to the granite and mineral laced earth which has been supporting these old vines for well over a century.

So popular it was in NZ that our Mackenzie William 1896 Riesling has completely sold out – but watch our shop as we’ll be bringing the new 2023 vintage over just as soon as we can.