Please join us in wishing Boss Megan (as even Trev affectionately calls her) a very happy birthday this month. Megan is the namesake of our Megan Jane Grenache and has been working with Trev since he founded Brockenchack. We put the tough questions to our Megan Jane and like the true super star she is, she returned them to the marketing department in record time (are we surprised? No, when we say she is amazing, we mean it!)     


Name | Megan McMurdo

Nickname | Mum (to a select few, haha) / Megs / Megsie / M / Meegarn (all very original) 

Age (true or fictional) | 42 (true story) 

What do you do at Brockenchack | A few many things (no one title); looking after all our lovely wine members, working with our export partners around the world, running our NZ operations – bringing Brockenchack Wines to all of New Zealand, sorting the admin and logistics around bottling all your favourite Brockenchack wines, managing all our luxury B&B bookings, plus whatever else needs to be done like sales reporting, entering wine shows around the world etc.

Favourite activity | Netflix and chill

1 thing you can’t live without | Spotify

How do you take your coffee | flat white

What are you watching on Netflix | Have just finished Vikings. New season of Ozark up next…

Summarize last year in 5 words | Transformative on a personal level

What three words would you use to describe yourself? | loyal / reliable / lazy-ish

What’s a fun fact about you or hidden talent you have? | Fun fact: I have a wine named after me! Hidden talent: My super power… I can make wine disappear

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next 12 months | It was to see the Foo Fighters in Wellywood later this year, but after the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins that has been cancelled. There’s also talk in our house about getting a puppy! 

Something you want to learn this year | tai chi 

A lesson learnt last year | (there were several…)

  • That it hurts when you salmon down your driveway
  • To remember to think bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff
  • That it’s important to sometimes put yourself first 
  • That apparently handwriting and spelling aren’t important anymore – ‘because computers do it all now Mum’
  • That there is no time like the present to tell the people you love, that you love them, and to open that good bottle you’ve been saving, because you just never know what’s around the corner

This Or That

Shiraz or Grenache –  Tough call… Shiraz is my go-to, but Grenache is my wine… hmmm, can I say ‘both’?

Pinot Grigio or Riesling

Beach or mountains (I live in the most incredible alpine location)

City or country

Summer or winter

Sparkling or still water

Ocean or lake equal – I’ll take any water view

Chocolate cake or fruit platter (chocolate cake all the way) 

Notes From The Team |

Have the best day Megs – always fun talking work and a bit of banter on the phone. You’re still the only person in the company that gets my Dad’s jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Bday old mate. -Darren

I had been working with Brockenchack for 6 weeks before I met Megan in person. And it couldn’t have been more Baywatch-esque; we sort of speed walked towards each other and embraced like only people that had known each other a long time would. Except we hadn’t. Megan in real life was exactly the person who interviewed me. She is genuine, inspiring, and straight up. I love her no nonsense answers, her ideas are always spot on and she is never too busy to help with a question, query or ‘where-do-I-find-‘. I regularly ask myself how I got so lucky having her as my manager- she doesn’t micromanager (let’s be honest, she doesn’t have time for that but it also isn’t in her nature) and she backs me 200%. Happy birthday Megan, I wish you the most exciting, inspiring, prosperous next year and hope that whatever the year ahead brings, it makes you happy. All my love xxx -Chloë

Where to begin… Megan is one of those people you meet and instantly feel as though you’ve known her for years (although I have been working with her for years now!). She’s witty, wonderfully creative (even if she doesn’t think so), and incredibly hard working. While her to-do list is longer than her arm, she is the ultimate team player and is never too busy to offer an extra opinion or help out. Megan knows this business like the back of her hand and is a true asset to Brockenchack; we’d quite literally be lost without her. Have a really wonderful birthday Megan and looking forward to catching up for a wine in person later in the year! Best wishes, Fal xx -Fallon

You have been super helpful these past couple of months helping me adjust into my new role and I can’t wait to work with you further. Hope you have a great day! Happy birthday Megan. -Mack