We bring you one half of the story and namesake behind our Rose! Trudi makes up half of our Tru-Su Rosé, with her sister Susan… 


In celebration of us wishing Trudi, Trevor & Marilyn’s youngest daughter an incredibly happy birthday this month, we bring you one half of the story and namesake behind our Rose! Trudi makes up half of our Tru-Su Rosé, with her sister Susan… But that is only the beginning. 

Trudi is mum to Jack (Jack Harrison Shiraz) and Charli (Charli Jaye Chardonnay), and is easily one of the most loving, caring, and empathetic people you will ever meet. 

Marilyn recalls Trudi’s caring nature from a young age for anyone and everything. Even when going through her own hardships she would always put others first. On numerous occasions she’s been known to bridge the gap when someone is caught short paying for their groceries and will never hesitate to give someone a hand when needed. 

She was quite a noisy child, so you won’t be surprised to hear she was in the band at school, playing the tuber and drums (practicing her drum routine at home much to Marilyn’s dismay). 

Caring, loving people often end up in careers that allow them to love and care for others and for Trudi, that meant becoming a beauty therapist, going on to have her own business for 16 years. She is conscientious, hardworking and reliable – only taking time off when she had Jack and Charli. There is no doubt that her business acumen can be at least in part credited to Trevor’s influence and Marilyn’s unwavering support. 

When Trudi was widowed, she moved her focus from being split between her beauty therapy business and her family, to putting 100% of her focus to her kids. A neighbour once commented that they were sure they’d seen her car leave the house 20 times that day running around after her kids – and Charli said it is one of her favourite things about her mum, her reliability. She is always able to pick her and her friends up no matter the time. There was, and still is, nothing she wouldn’t do for her children.  

When I spoke to Charli, she recalled one of her favourite memories with her mum was being squashed into a crappy 2-man tent with her mum, brother Jack and their cat Boots! 

So, we hope that you too can enjoy a glass of our Tru-Su Rosé and toast to Trudi during this warm January. We wish her all the success in the world as she embarks on another trip around the sun!